Linux Package Managers#

SageMath is available from various distributions and can be installed by package managers.

As of Sage 10.2, we can recommend the following distributions, which provide well-maintained and up-to-date SageMath packages: Arch Linux and Void Linux.

Gentoo users might want to give a try to sage-on-gentoo.

Do not install a version of Sage older than 9.5. If you are on an older version of your distribution and a recent version of SageMath is only available on a newer version of the distribution, consider upgrading your distribution.

See the _sagemath dummy package for the names of packages that provide a standard installation of SageMath, including documentation and Jupyter. See also sagemath for information about versions of SageMath packages in various distributions.

The GitHub wiki page Distribution collects information regarding packaging and distribution of SageMath.