Delete item from PyDict by exact value and hash#

Beware that the implementation of the routine here relies on implementation details of CPython’s dict that go beyond the published API.


  • Nils Bruin (2017-05)

sage.cpython.dict_del_by_value.test_del_dictitem_by_exact_value(D, value, h)#

This function helps testing some cdef function used to delete dictionary items.


  • D – a Python <dict>.

  • value – an object that is value D.

  • h – the hash of the key under which to find value in D.

The underlying cdef function deletes an item from D that is in the hash bucket determined by h and whose value is identic with value. Of course, this only makes sense if the pairs (h, value) corresponding to items in D are pair-wise distinct.

If a matching item cannot be found, the function does nothing and silently returns.