Setting Up Git#

Installing Git#

Depending on your platform, use the following to install Git:

Debian / Ubuntu

Run sudo apt-get install git-core


Run sudo yum install git-core

Windows (WSL)

We strongly recommend to install the package using the Linux distribution’s package manager. Native Windows installations of Git may also work, but there are possible pitfalls.


Install the Xcode Command Line Tools.

Some further resources for installation help are:

Configuring Git#

Assuming your name alice and email address,

[alice@localhost ~]$ git config --global "Alice Adventure"
[alice@localhost ~]$ git config --global [email protected]

This will write the settings into your Git configuration file ~/.gitconfig with your name and email:

    name = Alice Adventure
    email = [email protected]

Of course, replace Alice Adventure and with your actual name and email address.

This is the basic Git configuration for now. For further tips on configuring Git, see Configuration tips.