Additional development and testing tools


Pytest is a testing framework. At the moment, Sage is not yet using any tests based on pytest.

Installation: pip install -U pytest, see documentation for details. Usage: - Manual: Run pytest path/to/the/ or pytest to run all tests (from a virtual environment with Sage installed) - VS Code: Install the Python extension and follow the offical VS Code documentation. Configuration: in the source folder Documentation:


Pyright is static type checker.

Installation: npm install -g pyright, see documentation for details. Usage: - Manual: Run pyright path/to/the/ - VS Code: Install the Pylance extension. Configuration: pyrightconfig.json in the root Note: Currently, only the manifolds package is checked. Further packages can be added in the pyrightconfig.json file. Documentation:


Pycodestyle checks against the style conventions of PEP8 Python.

Installation: pip install -U pycodestyle --user Usage: - Manual: Run pycodestyle path/to/the/ - VS Code: Activate by adding the setting "python.linting.pycodestyleEnabled": true, see official VS Code documentation for details. Configuration: [pycodestyle] block in src/tox.ini Documentation:


Pyflakes checks for common coding errors.