Setting up Your Workspace#

Text editors and IDEs for use with Sage#

In meta github issue #30500 we are collecting instructions how to configure various text editors and IDEs for use with Sage.


Gitpod is a free service that will let you build and run Sage from an online development environment based on VS Code. Without needing to install anything on your computer, Gitpod creates a virtual fully-functional workspace with all the dependencies and tools pre-installed.

To get started, go to Gitpod and log in using your GitHub or GitLab account. Wait while Gitpod creates a workspace. The first time, it may take some time to build Sage.

You can now run and edit Sage’s code. Contributing your changes follows the normal Git workflow. For this to work, you first have to authorize Gitpod with GitHub:

  1. In the running Gitpod workspace, generate a new SSH key pair by ssh-keygen -f tempkey.

  2. Save the private key as a secure environment variable in Gitpod using gp env PRIVATE_SSH_KEY="$(<tempkey)", or by using the Gitpod UI.

  3. Register the public key with GitHub following the instructions in Generating your SSH keys.

  4. Close this Gitpod workspace.

After following this procedure, every new Gitpod workspace will have a working origin remote to which you can push your changes.

You can also use your VS Code Desktop to keep your local IDE configuration while still benefiting from Gitpod’s high-spec servers and automated prebuilds.