PREP Tutorials#

This is a set of tutorials developed for the MAA PREP workshops “Sage: Using Open-Source Mathematics Software with Undergraduates” (funding provided by the National Science Foundation under grant DUE 0817071) in the summers of 2010-2012. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC BY-SA).

The original audience for these tutorials was mathematics faculty at undergraduate institutions with little or no experience with programming or computer mathematics software. Because the computer experience required is quite minimal, this should be useful to anyone coming with little such experience to Sage.

Although any mathematics the reader is not familiar with can simply be skipped at first, we do assume throughout that the reader is familiar with the concept of a function and different kinds of numbers. We also make liberal use of basic examples from calculus, linear algebra, and other areas. In the Quickstart tutorials, we assume familiarity with the topics at the level of a student who has just completed a course in the subject, or of a faculty member who is about to teach it.