LibGAP Workspace Support#

The single purpose of this module is to provide the location of the libgap saved workspace and a time stamp to invalidate saved workspaces.

Return a time stamp for (lib)gap


Float. Unix timestamp of the most recently changed GAP/LibGAP file(s). In particular, the timestamp increases whenever a gap package is added.


sage: from import timestamp
sage: timestamp()   # random output
sage: type(timestamp())
<... 'float'>'workspace')#

Return the filename of the gap workspace and whether it is up to date.


  • name – string. A name that will become part of the workspace filename.


Pair consisting of a string and a boolean. The string is the filename of the saved libgap workspace (or that it should have if it doesn’t exist). The boolean is whether the workspace is up-to-date. You may use the workspace file only if the boolean is True.


sage: from import workspace
sage: ws, up_to_date = workspace()
sage: ws
sage: isinstance(up_to_date, bool)