sage.rings.monomials.monomials(v, n)#

Given two lists v and n, of exactly the same length, return all monomials in the elements of v, where variable i (i.e., v[i]) in the monomial appears to degree strictly less than n[i].


  • v – list of ring elements

  • n – list of integers


sage: monomials([x], [3])                                                       # needs sage.symbolic
[1, x, x^2]
sage: R.<x,y,z> = QQ[]
sage: monomials([x,y], [5,5])
[1, y, y^2, y^3, y^4, x, x*y, x*y^2, x*y^3, x*y^4, x^2, x^2*y, x^2*y^2, x^2*y^3, x^2*y^4, x^3, x^3*y, x^3*y^2, x^3*y^3, x^3*y^4, x^4, x^4*y, x^4*y^2, x^4*y^3, x^4*y^4]
sage: monomials([x,y,z], [2,3,2])
[1, z, y, y*z, y^2, y^2*z, x, x*z, x*y, x*y*z, x*y^2, x*y^2*z]