The cdd backend for polyhedral computations, floating point version#

class sage.geometry.polyhedron.backend_cdd_rdf.Polyhedron_RDF_cdd(parent, Vrep, Hrep, **kwds)#

Bases: Polyhedron_cdd, Polyhedron_RDF

Polyhedra over RDF with cdd


  • ambient_dim – integer. The dimension of the ambient space.

  • Vrep – a list [vertices, rays, lines] or None.

  • Hrep – a list [ieqs, eqns] or None.


sage: from sage.geometry.polyhedron.parent import Polyhedra
sage: parent = Polyhedra(RDF, 2, backend='cdd')
sage: from sage.geometry.polyhedron.backend_cdd_rdf import Polyhedron_RDF_cdd
sage: Polyhedron_RDF_cdd(parent, [ [(1,0),(0,1),(0,0)], [], []], None, verbose=False)
A 2-dimensional polyhedron in RDF^2 defined as the convex hull of 3 vertices