gap3: A minimal distribution of GAP 3 containing packages that have no equivalent in GAP 4


This package installs Jean Michel’s pre-packaged GAP3, which is a minimal GAP3 distribution containing packages that have no equivalent in GAP4.

Below is the full description from Jean Michel’s webpage (accessed 23 July 2015).

A pre-packaged GAP3 with everything you need

To help people who are just interested in GAP3 because they need a package which has not been ported to GAP4, I have prepared an easy-to install minimal GAP3 distribution containing an up-to-date versions of the packages:

anusq, arep, autag, chevie, cryst, dce, grim, matrix, meataxe, monoid, nq, pcqa, sisyphos, specht, ve, vkcurve.

These packages have been chosen since most have no equivalent in GAP4. They are autoloaded when starting gap.

This distribution includes only partial lists of small groups, 2-groups, 3-groups, character tables from the Atlas and tables of marks. It does not include either the packages:

anupq, grape, kbmag, xgap, cohomolo, gliss, guava, xmod

which have some equivalent in GAP4. You can get these extra features at

In this distribution:

  • The on-line help includes the documentation of the included packages.

  • The html documentation (htm/index.html) also does.

  • The manual (manual.pdf) also does.


Most parts of the GAP distribution, including the core part of the GAP system, are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (see or the file GPL in the etc directory of the GAP installation).

SPKG Maintainers

Special Update/Build Instructions

The difference between the distributed tarball and Jean Michel’s original tarball also contains the binaries







Version Information



Equivalent System Packages

However, these system packages will not be used for building Sage because spkg-configure.m4 has not been written for this package; see