sagemath_sirocco: Certified root continuation with sirocco#

About SageMath#

“Creating a Viable Open Source Alternative to

Magma, Maple, Mathematica, and MATLAB”

Copyright (C) 2005-2023 The Sage Development Team

SageMath fully supports all major Linux distributions, recent versions of macOS, and Windows (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

The traditional and recommended way to install SageMath is from source via Sage-the-distribution ( Sage-the-distribution first builds a large number of open source packages from source (unless it finds suitable versions installed in the system) and then installs the Sage Library (sagelib, implemented in Python and Cython).

About this pip-installable source distribution#

This pip-installable source distribution sagemath-sirocco is a small optional distribution for use with sagemath-standard.

It provides a Cython interface to the sirocco library for the purpose of compute topologically certified root continuation of bivariate polynomials.




Version Information#




# This file is updated on every release by the sage-update-version script
sagemath-sirocco ~= 10.3

Equivalent System Packages#

$ conda install sagemath-sirocco

However, these system packages will not be used for building Sage because spkg-configure.m4 has not been written for this package; see github issue #27330 for more information.