mpfi: Multiple precision interval arithmetic library based on MPFR#


MPFI is a library for interval arithmetic, which is built upon the MPFR multiple precision floating-point arithmetic.

MPFI is intended to be a portable library written in C for arbitrary precision interval arithmetic with intervals represented using MPFR reliable floating-point numbers. It is based on the GNU MP library and on the MPFR library. The purpose of an arbitrary precision interval arithmetic is on the one hand to get “guaranteed” results, thanks to interval computation, and on the other hand to obtain accurate results, thanks to multiple precision arithmetic. The MPFI library is built upon MPFR in order to benefit from the correct rounding provided, for each operation or function, by MPFR. Further advantages of using MPFR are its portability and compliance with the IEEE 754 standard for floating-point arithmetic.


This version of MPFI is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. It is permitted to link MPFI to non-free programs, as long as when distributing them the MPFI source code and a means to re-link with a modified MPFI is provided.

Upstream Contact#

The MPFI website is located at

The MPFI team can be contacted via the MPFI mailing list:




Version Information#



Equivalent System Packages#

$ conda install mpfi
$ sudo apt-get install libmpfi-dev
$ sudo pkg install math/mpfi
$ sudo emerge sci-libs/mpfi
$ brew install mpfi
$ nix-env --install mpfi
$ sudo zypper install mpfi-devel
$ sudo xbps-install mpfi-devel


If the system package is installed, ./configure will check if it can be used.