sage_conf: Configuration module for the SageMath library (distributable version)#


This distribution package provides:

  • a single Python module, sage_conf, providing configuration information to the SageMath library at the time of its installation and at its runtime

  • a console script sage-config, for querying the variables of sage_conf from the shell

  • a sourcable shell script sage-env-config, providing additional configuration information in the form of environment variables

The sage_conf distribution package is polymorphic: It has several implementations.

sage_conf sdist on PyPI#

This implementation of the sage_conf distribution package comes from github issue #29039, which added the directory pkgs/sage-conf_pypi.

To install, use pip install -v sage_conf. Using -v ensures that diagnostic messages are displayed.

On installation (or building a wheel), it invokes sage_bootstrap to establish a build tree (SAGE_ROOT) and installation tree (SAGE_LOCAL) for the SageMath distribution. By default, it uses a subdirectory of $HOME/.sage that is specific to the version of the distribution and the version of Python in use. If several virtual environments over the same version of Python install sage_conf, they will share these trees.

After installation of sage_conf, a wheelhouse containing wheels of various libraries is available; type ls $(sage-config SAGE_SPKG_WHEELS) to list them and pip install $(sage-config SAGE_SPKG_WHEELS)/*.whl to install them. After this, you can install the Sage library, for example, using pip install sagemath-standard.

sage_conf wheels#

Prebuilt binary wheels of the sage_conf distribution package are available at

This implementation of sage_conf comes from github issue #31396, which adds the directory pkgs/sage-conf_relocatable/.

On building a wheel, it invokes sage_bootstrap to establish a build and installation tree (SAGE_ROOT, SAGE_LOCAL) in a subdirectory of the directory /var/tmp/, whose name is specific to the version of the distribution and the version of Python in use.

The wheel distributes a copy of the prebuilt SAGE_ROOT and SAGE_LOCAL. Importing sage_conf (or using the installed sage-config script), makes sure that a symlink from the /var/tmp location to the actual persistent installation location is created. As the relocated libraries and programs contain the hardcoded path SAGE_LOCAL in various ways (including as rpaths), this symlink is necessary for the prebuilt libraries and programs to work.

/var/tmp is a sticky directory on all Linux distributions following the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, as well as on macOS. On multi-user systems, only one user can use a given version of the distribution; other installation schemes are recommended for systems with multiple Sage users.

sage_conf in the SageMath distribution#

The original version of the distribution package sage_conf is used internally in the SageMath distribution. It is provided in the directory pkgs/sage-conf. This version of the package is generated by the Sage distribution’s ./configure script.

sage_conf for conda#

The version of the distribution package in the directory pkgs/sage-conf_conda is used in an experimental installation method of SageMath, where all packages are provided by conda. This method is described in

sage_conf in downstream distributions#

Downstream packagers and advanced developers and users may want to provide their own implementation of the distribution package to support the intended deployment of the SageMath library.


GNU General Public License (GPL) v3 or later

Upstream Contact#

This package is included in the source code of the Sage distribution, in pkgs/sage-conf*.




  • $(PYTHON)


Version Information#




# This file is updated on every release by the sage-update-version script
sage-conf ~= 10.3

Equivalent System Packages#

(none known)