maxima: System for manipulating symbolic and numerical expressions#


Maxima is a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, polynomials, and sets, lists, vectors, matrices, and tensors. Maxima yields high precision numeric results by using exact fractions, arbitrary precision integers, and variable precision floating point numbers. Maxima can plot functions and data in two and three dimensions.

For more information, see the Maxima web site


Maxima is distributed under the GNU General Public License, with some export restrictions from the U.S. Department of Energy. See the file COPYING.

Upstream Contact#

Special Update/Build Instructions#

  1. Go to and download the source tarball maxima-x.y.z.tar.gz; place it in the upstream/ directory.

  2. Update package-version.txt and run ‘sage –package fix-checksum’.

  3. Make sure the patches still apply cleanly, and update them if necessary.

  4. Test the resulting package.

All patch files in the patches/ directory are applied. Descriptions of these patches are either in the patch files themselves or below.

  • 0001-taylor2-Avoid-blowing-the-stack-when-diff-expand-isn.patch: Fix for Maxima bug #2520 (abs_integrate fails on abs(sin(x)) and abs(cos(x))). Introduced in Trac #13364 (Upgrade Maxima to 5.29.1).

  • build-fasl.patch: Build a fasl library for ecl in addition to an executable program. Introduced in Trac #16178 (Build maxima fasl without asdf).

  • infodir.patch: Correct the path to the Info directory. Introduced in Trac #11348 (maxima test fails when install tree is moved).

  • matrixexp.patch: Fix matrixexp(matrix([%i*%pi])), which broke after Maxima 5.29.1. Introduced in Trac #13973.

  • maxima.system.patch: Set c::*compile-in-constants* to t. Introduced in Trac #11966 (OS X 10.7 Lion: Maxima fails to build).

  • undoing_true_false_printing_patch.patch: Revert an upstream change causing ‘?’ to be printed around some words. Introduced in Trac #13364 (Upgrade Maxima to 5.29.1).




Version Information#



Equivalent System Packages#


$ sudo pacman -S  maxima-ecl


$ conda install  maxima


$ sudo apt-get install  maxima-sage maxima


$ brew install maxima

macports: install the following packages: maxima


$ nix-env --install maxima-ecl


$ sudo zypper install maxima-exec-clisp


$ sudo xbps-install  maxima-ecl


However, these system packages will not be used for building Sage because spkg-configure.m4 has not been written for this package; see trac ticket #27330