Generic LibGAP-based Group#

This is useful if you need to use a GAP group implementation in Sage that does not have a dedicated Sage interface.

If you want to implement your own group class, you should not derive from this but directly from ParentLibGAP.


sage: F.<a,b> = FreeGroup()
sage: G_gap = libgap.Group([ (a*b^2).gap() ])
sage: from sage.groups.libgap_group import GroupLibGAP
sage: G = GroupLibGAP(G_gap);  G
Group([ a*b^2 ])
sage: type(G)
<class 'sage.groups.libgap_group.GroupLibGAP_with_category'>
sage: G.gens()
class sage.groups.libgap_group.GroupLibGAP(*args, **kwds)#

Bases: GroupMixinLibGAP, Group, ParentLibGAP

Group interface for LibGAP-based groups.


Same as ParentLibGAP.


alias of ElementLibGAP