Base for Classical Matrix Groups with GAP#

class sage.groups.matrix_gps.named_group_gap.NamedMatrixGroup_gap(degree, base_ring, special, sage_name, latex_string, gap_command_string, category=None)#

Bases: NamedMatrixGroup_generic, MatrixGroup_gap

Base class for “named” matrix groups using LibGAP


  • degree – integer. The degree (number of rows/columns of matrices).

  • base_ring – ring. The base ring of the matrices.

  • special – boolean. Whether the matrix group is special, that is, elements have determinant one.

  • latex_string – string. The latex representation.

  • gap_command_string – string. The GAP command to construct the matrix group.


sage: G = GL(2, GF(3))
sage: from sage.groups.matrix_gps.named_group_gap import NamedMatrixGroup_gap
sage: isinstance(G, NamedMatrixGroup_gap)