Finite dimensional Hopf algebras with basis#

class sage.categories.finite_dimensional_hopf_algebras_with_basis.FiniteDimensionalHopfAlgebrasWithBasis(base_category)#

Bases: CategoryWithAxiom_over_base_ring

The category of finite dimensional Hopf algebras with a distinguished basis.


sage: FiniteDimensionalHopfAlgebrasWithBasis(QQ) # fixme: Hopf should be capitalized
Category of finite dimensional hopf algebras with basis over Rational Field
sage: FiniteDimensionalHopfAlgebrasWithBasis(QQ).super_categories()
[Category of hopf algebras with basis over Rational Field,
 Category of finite dimensional algebras with basis over Rational Field]
class ElementMethods#

Bases: object

class ParentMethods#

Bases: object