Algebra ideals#

class sage.categories.algebra_ideals.AlgebraIdeals(A)#

Bases: Category_ideal

The category of two-sided ideals in a fixed algebra \(A\).


sage: AlgebraIdeals(QQ['a'])
Category of algebra ideals in Univariate Polynomial Ring in a over Rational Field


  • Add support for non commutative rings (this is currently not supported by the subcategory AlgebraModules).

  • Make AlgebraIdeals(R), return CommutativeAlgebraIdeals(R) when R is commutative.

  • If useful, implement AlgebraLeftIdeals and AlgebraRightIdeals of which AlgebraIdeals would be a subcategory.



sage: AlgebraIdeals(QQ['x']).algebra()
Univariate Polynomial Ring in x over Rational Field

The category of algebra modules should be a super category of this category.

However, since algebra modules are currently only available over commutative rings, we have to omit it if our ring is non-commutative.


sage: AlgebraIdeals(QQ['x']).super_categories()
[Category of algebra modules
  over Univariate Polynomial Ring in x over Rational Field]
sage: C = AlgebraIdeals(FreeAlgebra(QQ, 2, 'a,b'))                          # needs sage.combinat sage.modules
sage: C.super_categories()                                                  # needs sage.combinat sage.modules