Covering Arrays (CA)#

A Covering Array, denoted \(CA(N;t,k,v)\), is an \(N\) by \(k\) array with entries from a set of \(v\) elements with the property that in every selection of \(t\) columns, every sequence of \(t\) elements appears in at least one row.

An Orthogonal Array, denoted \(OA(N;t,k,v)\) is a covering array with the property that every sequence of \(t\)-elements appears in exactly one row. (See sage.combinat.designs.orthogonal_arrays).

This module collects methods relating to covering arrays, some of which are inherited from orthogonal array methods. This module defines the following functions:


Check that an input list of lists is a \(CA(N;t,k,v)\).


Return a relabelled version of the CA.


Return a version of the CA relabelled to symbols \((0,\dots,n-1)\).



  • Aaron Dwyer and brett stevens (2022): initial version