Miscellaneous Functions#


The purpose of this decorator is to change calls like species.SetSpecies(size=1) to species.SetSpecies(min=1, max=2). This is to make caching species easier and to restrict the number of parameters that the lower level code needs to know about.


sage: from sage.combinat.species.misc import accept_size
sage: def f(*args, **kwds):
....:       print("{} {}".format(args, sorted(kwds.items())))
sage: f = accept_size(f)
sage: f(min=1)
() [('min', 1)]
sage: f(size=2)
() [('max', 3), ('min', 2)]
sage.combinat.species.misc.change_support(perm, support, change_perm=None)#

Changes the support of a permutation defined on [1, …, n] to support.


sage: from sage.combinat.species.misc import change_support
sage: p = PermutationGroupElement((1,2,3)); p
sage: change_support(p, [3,4,5])