Root Systems


  • T = CartanType(["A", 3]), T.is_finite() – Cartan types

  • T.dynkin_diagram(), DynkinDiagram(["G",2]) – Dynkin diagrams

  • T.cartan_matrix(),  CartanMatrix(["F",4]) – Cartan matrices

  • RootSystem(T).weight_lattice() – Root systems

  • WeylGroup(["B", 6, 1]).simple_reflections() – Affine Weyl groups

  • WeylCharacterRing(["D", 4]) – Weyl character rings

Introductory material

Cartan datum

Root systems

Coxeter groups

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The categories CoxeterGroups and WeylGroups

Finite reflection groups

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The category ComplexReflectionGroups

Representation theory

Root system data and code for specific families of Cartan types

Root system data and code for specific Cartan types